Needing a way of ensuring maximum security with your glass doors, and in particular, the Diadem Technologies DSL3500 locks? Then Diadem Technologies has your answer! With this lock, you can rest assured that your glass door is as secure as can be. Not only do these locks provide fingerprint access, but also come equipped with a card reader that allows you to add additional layers of security

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Key Features

CPU: Intel® i5 or i7

Memory: 4G DDR3

Hard Disk: 500G HDD or 64G SSD

Design: Built-in 20×2 Line LCD customer display

Screen: 15” or 17” Flat touch screen

Touch type: Capacitive touch

Reliable, Secure, Organised.

Made for a broad range of business types, the DPOS 6500 offers the user a device that stands up in any environment. From retail to restaurant and hospitality, user flexibility and functionality is at the utmost importance.